If you are the copyright holder of any material referenced on this site and do not wish for this information to be shared by users without your consent, we are prepared to assist you by removing the relevant links.

Please provide the following information via email:

1. Documented proof of your rights to the copyrighted material:

  • A scanned document with an official seal, or
  • An email from the official domain of the copyright holder, or
  • Other contact information that clearly identifies you as the copyright holder of the material.

2. The text you wish to accompany the removal notice.

This text can specify where and under what conditions the removed information can be obtained, as well as your contact information so users can reach you for inquiries regarding the material.

3. Direct links to the site pages containing the links to the material to be removed.

The links should be in the format or similar.

We will remove the specified links from the site within 72 hours of receiving a valid request.

Our email:


a) We reserve the right to publish any information sent to us via email at

b) We do not control the actions of users who may repost links to the material that is the subject of your copyright. Information on the forum is posted automatically, in line with common global internet practices. However, we will review all requests concerning links that infringe your rights.

c) None of the material cataloged on this site via torrent links is hosted by us, we cannot control its distribution outside of this forum and torrent tracker.

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