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Post 08-Jul-2024 15:18

Zonkey - Realism


Post 07-Jul-2024 08:25

Pony Realism v2.1 + VAE


Post 15-Jun-2024 01:29

iselestiaDiffusion is a Pony-based model. Stylistically, it appears to be similar to Autismmix with some slight differences. Due to the creator's issues with CivitAI, the creator pulled all the models from CivitAI, leading to a situation where there is no way to grab the other versions. This model contains two style tags: "ytm" and "yutamix-twinkle".


Post 15-Jun-2024 01:22

T-ponynai3 is a Pony-based model trained on NAIv3 outputs.
Further info on versions:


Post 10-Jun-2024 13:59

autismMixConfetti is a PonyV6 based model that is very good at everything not-realistic. WARNING: You should use the pony format for this model, eg
score_9, score_8_up, ...etc
in your positive and
score_1_up, score_2_up, score_3_up, score_4_up etc
in your negative.


Post 10-Jun-2024 10:11

A very fast version of SDXL. Make sure to put cfg at 1 and steps at 1.


Post 10-Jun-2024 03:28

SDXL 0.9

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