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Posting on the site was broken for half a day today and I didn't know until testing it myself!
If you have any issues with the site, try:
a) Posting it here
b) PMing me through the site
c) PMing me here
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Post 15-Jun-2024 07:05 | #2 (after 1 day 5 hours)

Upvoting button doesn't work
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For solving this
110Upvoting button doesn't work
issue needed to escape the single quotes in the HTML string.
File styles/templates/default/viewtopic_attach.tpl

Here is how to do it:
$thx_btn.hide().after('<h2 style="color: green;">You\'re welcome!</h2>');
The backslash (\) before the apostrophe (') escapes the special meaning of the apostrophe and allows it to be treated as a literal character.
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