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Post 14-Jun-2024 15:41 | #1 · Author


"No posting of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images or content on the forums."
IMO this is a very weird rule for a site that wants to facilitate access to, and counteract removals and censorship of generative models.
A NSFW rule is not required and counterproductive; i.e. I won't upload anything with that rule in place. Please remove the rule, so I can upload the defecation lora.
BTW, when making a post it says "Notify me when on replies", which makes no sense. Or maybe "replies" is slang for some drug?
EDIT: I also don't want that avatar. Or any avatar. Can't delete it.
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Post 14-Jun-2024 16:56 | #2 (after 1 hour 15 minutes)

You can upload models that make nsfw, just don't post images
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Post 15-Jun-2024 15:14 | #3 (after 22 hours)

Grumpy indeed!
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